Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 4: Blacksburg and new boy friends

Another day, another cool historic theater. This day it was the Lyric Theater in Blacksburg, Virginia, across the street from the campus of Virginia Tech. Since it opened here in 1930, the stage has been graced by some very cool acts.

Have I mentioned before how much we love Blacksburg? This is our fifth trip here in six years, and we always feel like we're at home.

The people here have been so cool to us, and John Borman, part of the theater's event staff, paid me one of the nicest co
mpliments I've had in a long time. He said, "We've had some children's acts through here that were good, but you were great!"

It sounds like they'll have us back next year!

And Lyda has informed us that she has picked up some new boyfriends here. The other day she was up to 21 "beaus", but now
she says she's lost track. Look out, daddy!!

Many thanks to Big Joe Trice and all those who m
ade these shows possible.

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