Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 3 -- part 2: Poor Customer Service

We travel a whole bunch. We stay in a lot of hotels. Occasionally we rent cars. And for years we have enthusiastically used Priceline to do it all. Until yesterday.

In this climate of bankruptcies, it's amazing to me that companies still don't understand that simple customer service can secure life-long, loyal patrons.

Inflexibility is unacceptable. But what I do accept is that people make mistakes, and I believe in giving opportunities to correct mistakes. As a business owner, I know this all to well. When I make a mistake, I am eager to correct it quickly to retain a customer. Seems simple, really -- and logical.

So, after nearly five years as an avid fan and loyal Priceline customer, I canceled my account. Five years of loyalty, and they have managed to lose my trust and my business in a matter of hours.

Hello, Hotwire!!

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