Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Costumes

The best Halloween costumes are home made, with a little ingenuity and creativity. I love this time of year. Even if we piece together something from the basement to make traditional ghost or witch costumes, it’s the creative challenge I love best.

I saw the coolest one the other day at a show I was playing. I don’t have a pic, but it was an alien inside a flying saucer. This kid had covered two big pieces of round cardboard with aluminum foil, taped the edges, and then “poofed” them apart in the middle to make a saucer. Through a hole cut in the middle, he poked his head that was covered with what looked like a clear plastic ice bucket. His face was painted green. Awesome!

Here’s a pic of Lyda’s costume last year. She went as a kite. Totally cute. It was her own brilliant idea; she just asked me to help build it. So, I taped together two pieces of kite-shaped poster board and cut a hole in one piece for her face to peek through. She colored it herself and we made a tail out of string and fabric. We attached some twine to it and wrapped several feet of it around a wood spool. Her friend Kiera “flew” her down the street as they went trick-or-treating.

So with all of that, this year I’ve lost out to the Disney marketing machine. Cinderella rules in our house. She’s a nearly totally store-bought princess except for the head band and her grandma’s velvet and faux-pearl choker. She is thrilled beyond words. And sooooo very cute, and she knows she looks fine – that’s the best and most important part.

Happy costuming!

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