Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Inaugural Ball

Calhoun, Missouri. Population: 491. Home of the annual Colt Show (I misread the sign on the way in and thought it said "99th Annual
Cult Show," and was on the lookout for witches.) Salute!!

So let's go ahead and round up that population to 500. Last night about 100 people turned out for the show in the school gym. That means one-fifth of the Calhoun citizenry was rockin' in the bleachers! A pretty respectable showing for a Tuesday night, especially when most of the nation was still recovering from their giddy Obama-palooza "hangover." (Jeni and I were still reeling!)

I must say that not one of the Calhounians appeared to have been sipping the Obama Kool-Aid or to be significantly moved by the inauguration of our 44th president. Maybe they were just more excited that Mr. Stinky Feet was in town. Or, maybe it was the free pre-show spaghetti dinner that lured them in and intoxicated them.

Whatever it was, we had a ball. And the crowd was into it. Even the middle-schoolers were gracious enough to: (a) not heckle me, and (b) actually willingly participate and have fun. Goes to show you how a good tight-knit community can raise some great kids.

Thank you, Calhoun!

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